There’s No Place Like Holmes:

How can I say anything negative about this series of videos that sends the Sherlock Holmes and John H. Watson of 1901 in the modern day of Richmond (a suburb of London)? It is filmed on a shoestring, which they borrowed, and acted with — enthusiasm and … actually I’ve run out of things to say. From the website:No Place Like Holmes (NPLH) is a multiple platform web drama comedy show that is based upon Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes series.

“Its original focus was on the adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson following an encounter with a malicious demonic Sir Hugo Baskerville who freezes them in a time spell only for them to eventually re-emerge in the year 2010.

“Fast Cars, Fast Food, Simon Cowell, New Arcitecture, Tiny Phones, Internet!?! It’s certaintly no place like Holmes … um home.

“Though confused, homeless and out of money and luck Holmes quickly gets back into the swing reforming his consulting detective agency and goes back to doing what he does best with amusing and great results. He is ever the Victorian gentleman he has always been and dresses and holds the same values he did over a 100 years ago.

“Aided by his solid and trusty sidekick Dr. Watson and his new housekeeper Miss Blake they sleuth, stake out, deduce and fight to make the confusing modern world a better place and unravel the new mysterious the world presents them.”

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