My Particular Friend footnotes

Here you’ll find quick access to all the footnotes for My Particular Friend, divided by chapter and heading.

The Start of the Affair
A Singular Woman
There is Dancing
An Explanation

The Poison Pen Affair
An Ever-Rotating Wheel of Information
Irregular Means
I Seek a Position
We Meet Mr. Hickham
The Winslowes are Found
Wheels in Motion
We Confront Mr Hickham
Partial Justice

The Affair of the Reluctant Bachelor
A Plan of Action
Deerfield Park
A Shooting Party
Stirring the Pot
A Complication
An Almost Perfect Conclusion
A Stout Drainpipe

The Bride Who Wasn’t There
A Meeting with the Chairmen
Mr Simms’s Destination
Mr Simms’s Confession
The Story of Edward Gascoigne
A Visit from Edward Gascoigne

The Affair of Brotherly Love
The Younger Brother
Mr Haversham Recovers

The Affair of the Code Duello
The Mantua Maker
Mr Wallace Reports
Miss Chivington’s Complaint
The Gauntlet Is Thrown
Pistols at Dawn
The End of the Affair

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