Speaking of The Royal Crescent

No. 1 Royal CrescentI mentioned in a previous post that the museum at No. 1 Royal Crescent in Bath would be reclaiming the space that was turned into No. 1a, and I now find on the Bath Preservation Trust website the details of what their £1.4 million grant will accomplish.

According to the website, the Hertiage Lottery Fund grant will be used to:

  • Reunite a historic building of national importance with its original service wing (No. 1a) allowing the museum to tell the full history of the house and how it was serviced;
  • Improve visual appearance of 1a, with restored Venetian windows on the Royal Crescent and Upper Church Street facades;
  • Create a significant extension of the visit to the museum at No.1 to include an increase (from 5 currently) to 10 dressed rooms (including below- and above stairs functions), 4 further rooms and circulation spaces;
  • Create a flexible exhibition space, with opportunities for community involvement;
  • Create a new learning centre in the basement of No.1 for schools groups, lectures and hands-on activities; and
  • Install a lift in 1a which will provide disabled access to 2.5 floors in 1a and 2 floors in No.1 where currently none exists.

Unfortunately this means the museum will be closed at some point in 2012 and I’ll try to find out exactly when that might be. I believe the trust is also trying to raise an additional £1.2 million from private donations.

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