Dr Watson’s Neglected Patients Holmes Birthday Party

Dr Watson’s Neglected Patients recently celebrated the birthday of the good doctor’s friend, Sherlock Holmes, the celebrated detective and cause of all our canceled appointments.

True, the celebration was delayed from Mr Holmes’ actual Jan. 6 birthday, but Watson and Holmes were doubtless following a lead and we were forced to delay our celebration until Jan. 22 at the Lumber Baron Inn in Denver, Colorado. About 80 people attended the event, including many members of the Victorian Society of Colorado Springs, who supplied music and dance for the event.

Various toasts were also raised, to Queen Victoria, Sherlock Holmes, Moriarty, past members and of course Mrs Watson. All participants also recited the Doctor’s Oath. The coveted brick was also awarded to the winner of the trivia contest (I apologize for not having the name of the winner), the topic of which was The Yellow Face, selected by the previous contest winner, Margaret “Mae Hymm” Snyder.

A new board for the organization was also elected, which include Darlene Cypser, Lawrence Feldman, Ron Lies and Priscilla Licht.

The next official function of DWNP will be the spring tea, traditionally held in May. However anyone interested in DWNP is invited to the next Outpatient’s Meeting at 12:30 p.m. Feb. 5 at Pint’s Pub in Denver.

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