My Particular Friend footnotes: The Poison Pen Affair 6

Beginning with The Winslowes Are Found:

‘Luckily Mrs Hutton heeded my admonitions and they were brought to me. They had located the Winslowes here in Bath, living a stone’s throw from us in the Circus, but under the mother’s maiden name Hazelton.’

the Circus: a spectacular ring of buildings in Bath not far from the Royal Crescent
‘Yes, this is the Ashby’s address, No. 40. Down,’ she commanded. ‘We can surprise her on her return.’ We hid in the stairwell of a basement entrance. Only Charlotte had a clear view.
No. 40 Gay Street: this is the address, of course, of the Jane Austen Centre
‘This should do the trick,’ Charlotte said, as she produced a vinaigrette and waved its pungent aroma under Miss Winslowe’s nose. Its effect was immediate and the young woman regained her balance.
vinaigrette: a small container that holds strongly scented vinegar or smelling salts, used to revive an unconscious person

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