My Particular Friend footnotes: The Affair of the Reluctant Bachelor 6

Beginning with A Complication:

‘I must say he has hidden depths that should serve him well as a vicar. He appealed to her vanity, used her friendship with his vicar and told her of his plans for a benevolent society.’

benevolent society: a mutual association for the purposes of insurance, pensions, savings or cooperative banking. In this, Mr. Potterthwaite was forward thinking for the first Benevolent Society was founded in Australia in 1813.

‘Nothing other than a figurine of the Infant Samuel that I managed to conceal.’
Infant Samuel: Samuel was miraculously born to the barren Hannah and her husband Elkanah

‘Quite sure. I have made a study of mazes—the Deerfield Park maze is quite famous—and have even written a monograph on the subject.’
Deerfield Park maze: the Longleat maze may give an idea of the Deerfield Park maze. Charlotte seems to be suggesting the wall-following strategy to navigate the maze.
monograph: a detailed written study of a single specialized subject or an aspect of it

‘A preux chevalier?’ Mr Worcester suggested.
a preux chevalier: a valiant knight

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