Death Come to Pemberley … and now the BBC

UPDATE: Now there seems to be speculation that Dan Stevens is a likely candidate to play Darcy in Death Come to Pemberley.

My husband alerted me to this:

Apparently Origin Pictures has been working on a script of P.D. James’ Death Comes to Pemberley, her continuation of Pride and Prejudice, mixed up with murder and with that rogue Wickham as the suspect.

It’s a curious choice because I’ve met few Janeites who have endorsed it enthusiastically. I enjoyed it in the same way I enjoy most well-written Austen continuations, but I can’t say it blowed me away. But Jim, my husband, said he thought it did well outside the rarefied circles of Janeite criticism.

Of course even if it’s not great, who cares? It will be Austen on television and I will undoubtedly enjoy it (or enjoy picking it apart). According to this article, it will be a three-part series.

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