The Lion’s Mane quiz: Answers

Think you know everything about The Adventure of the Lion’s Mane? Then this quiz should be easy. The answers will be posted in a few days. Seventeen questions for 27 points. Go to page 2 to see the answers.

  1. (1 point) Holmes must now be what to himself (hint, he’d only been this one other time in the Canon)?
  2. (1 point) Apart from the little cove, what else breaks the line formed by the beach that stretches for some miles in each direction?
  3. (1 point) What was the old trick that Holmes was up to?
  4. (1 point) Stackhurst was a well-known what in his day?
  5. (1 point) What is the name of the coaching establishment?
  6. (3 points) What were the only articles of clothing mentioned by Holmes that he observed McPherson wearing?
  7. (1 point) What injury did McPherson suffer that was not directly caused by his attacker?
  8. (3 point) The high, abstract region in which Murdoch lived included what? Extra point if you can explain what the first one is.
  9. (1 point) What led Holmes to believe the McPherson fell as he was ascending?
  10. (1 point) What did Holmes not investigate? (There are a few possible answers that count, but only really one satisfying one)
  11. (1 point) Who is a representative of that slow, solid Sussex breed?
  12. (2 points) What does old Tom Bellamy own all of? The boats and bathing-cots at Fulworth
  13. (2 points) What are the two crowded spaces mentioned in the story?
  14. (4 points) What four palliatives did Murdoch ask for after he’d been attacked?
  15. (2 points) Name the book and its author that provided Holmes the name of the murderer. 
  16. (1 point) What false clue most interfered with Holmes’ understanding of the case? The unused towel, it led Holmes to believe that McPherson had not gone for a swim
  17. (1 point) What is the “other” feline mentioned in the story?

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