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Great news, everyone! I’m now part of the re-launched Austen Authors, which is a blog dedicated to those of us who enjoy and/or write Jane Austen-related fan fiction (JAFF). I’m very happy to be included in this, considering how tangential are my own Jane Austen related writings.

Being included in Austen Authors is also a welcome kick-in-the-pants because I’ve taken an extended vacation from writing, while pursuing woodworking projects (and licking my wounds from the disappointing sales of my last book). With the return of winter weather, however, it’s nice to be writing again.

Which means I am actively writing the sequel to My Particular Friend, called Our Mutual Friends. I’ll post a chapter later and hope it won’t be too different from the published story. And despite questioning whether I really am a JAFF author, I’m developing two more Jane Austen related novels, including one that really does combine characters from the Sherlock Holmes and Jane Austen novels.

To celebrate the re-launch of Austen Authors, the blog is running a mystery prize giveaway, so be sure to take a look before Jan. 23.

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