Our Mutual Friends

At long last, the sequel to My Particular Friend is available at Amazon. Our Mutual Friends picks up a few days after the previous book and sets the story in London. From the back cover:

The young man, however, noticed my friend’s attention and turned to look at me, but I had already returned the flint striker to the interior of the muff. He looked at me with his childlike expression and offered me a smile, which I immediately returned. How could I help it? Even with the knowledge that Charlotte considered him an impostor, I was charmed by his warm brown eyes, his long black hair that fell upon his shoulders and his full lips that spoke the peculiar sing-song language that had so confounded the greatest minds in England. Were I completely honest, I would also admit that my eyes were drawn to his broad chest, naked but for a sort of soft-leather vest with no buttons, and a large, jet-black medallion that showed a many-armed figure.

Thus begins The Affair of the Putative Prince wherein Charlotte House and her chronicler Jane Woodsen solve the riddle of Prince Nanaboo of Samokar, meddle in affairs of state, battle French agents and reunite lost lovers. In The Stimulating Affair, Jane literally finds herself in hot water when she unmasks the deadly presence at the mysterious Doctor Meissner’s electrically charged salon of pleasure. Inspired by the works of Jane Austen, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Charles Dickens.

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