My Particular Friend footnotes: The Start of the Affair 4

Beginning with There is Dancing:

The pelisse is a bit heavy, but I thought you might like it, being it’s cool tonight.’

pelisse: in this instance, a long coat
‘Run? No, the chair is waiting outside. We can’t have you running.’
Mary hurried me out and the chairmen brought me swiftly to the Upper Rooms with time to spare. Miss House and Mrs Fitzhugh were waiting for me just inside.
chair, chairmen: a conveyance slung between poles and carried by two men.
She was magnificent. Boadicea herself could not have appeared more magnificent. Lady Dalrymple shrank.
Boadicea: More commonly spelled Boudicca today, this Celtic queen of the Iceni tribe sacked Camulodunum (modern-day Colchester) and Londinium (London), after she was flogged, her daughters raped and her fortune taken by the Roman occupiers of England (who in common with Regency England did not believe that daughters could inherit).

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